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Quote"We are dedicated to building truly superior homes with simple, timeless principles, attention to detail, honesty and clear communication. We want our clients to have a pleasurable and satisfying experience."
-Scot Trifilo

Determine your needs before you begin.

Answer the questions that you only feel comfortable answering. Your answers will reveal some of your needs and wishes for a new house and will prepare you for a first working meeting with Terrace Homebuilders. This will begin the process of Homesite selection and designing your new home or selecting one of our pre-designed homes.


Are you quiet or outgoing?

Where and when do you talk with others?

Where and when do you read?

Do you need a room for seclusion?

Which kind of art do you prefer? Do you collect anything?

What are your hobbies? Do you play any sports?

How do you spend time at home?

What is your favorite time of day?

Which colors do you love? Which colors do you dislike?

Any materials that you love? Any materials that you dislike?

Are you a good decision maker?

What is your greatest anxiety about building a new house?

Do you want an open floor plan or a traditional divided floor plan?

Do you have children, or do you anticipate having any? How many?

Do you have pets?

Will you have live-in help? What accommodations will be required?

Will you have frequent overnight guests? Grown children? College students? Grandparents?

How often do you entertain? What is the size of a typical gathering at your home?

Are there certain rooms that will be primarily used for entertaining?


Do you have any preference for a particular style?

Do you prefer a one-, two-, or three-story house?

Do you desire any particular architectural features, such as bay windows, gables, or French doors?

Which exterior siding do you prefer? Brick, stone, cedar or vinyl clapboard, cedar shingle?

Which roofing material do you prefer? Wood shingles, composite shingle, slate, copper?

Which window style do you prefer?


Do you desire any particular homesite? Forest or Meadows? Level or rolling?

Do you want morning light in any particular rooms or outdoor areas?

Do you want sunset views from any particular rooms or outdoor areas?

Outdoor Living

Would you like access from a particular room(s) to specific outdoor areas?

Do you want a screened in patio(s)? Do you want a deck(s)? Will you eat outside? How often?

Do you want a built-in grill?

Do you want any garden structures or features, such as a greenhouse or gazebo?

Do you want a pool? A hot tub? Pool house/sauna? Outdoor shower?

Do you want a tennis court? Which surface? Do you want changing rooms or shade structures?

Special Needs

Do you have any health problems?

Will you have an elderly person sharing your home now or in the future?

Will you want doorways wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair? Do you want a ramped entry?

Is there any arthritis sufferers in your family who would prefer levers rather than doorknobs?

Do you need or anticipate the need for an elevator? A dumbwaiter?


Do you have a special piece of furniture or piece of art in mind for this space? How large is it?

What are your closet/storage requirements?

Living Area

Describe the room you envision.

How do you want to use this room?

Should it have a view?

How many people do you wish to seat comfortably?

Do you want a fireplace? Wood burning or gas?

Do you need storage or display space? What kind?

Do you have a special piece of furniture in mind for this space?

Will you have a TV here?

Will you read here?

Family Room

Describe the room you envision.

To which rooms would you like it to be adjacent?

How many people do you wish to seat comfortably?

Should it have a view?

Do you want a home theater? A very large TV?

Will you locate your sound system here?

Do you want a fireplace? Wood burning or gas?

Will you want a wet bar/snack area? With a small refrigerator and microwave?


Describe the kind of kitchen you envision.

Is it open to other rooms? If so, which ones?

Is the view important to you?

Do you cook frequently?

Does more than one person usually cook at a time?

Is low maintenance important?

Do you want an eat-in kitchen? Dining at a table, counter, or both?

Will you entertain in the kitchen?

How many do you wish to seat?

Do you prefer a particular style of cabinet?

Do you want a butler’s pantry and/or food pantry?

Do you want a desk/homework area?

Will you watch TV here? Read?

Do you have large serving pieces?

Do you have multiple sets of dishes? Multiple sets of cutlery?

Do you want one or two sinks?

Do you want one or two dishwashers?

Do you want a range or a cooktop and wall oven? Additional baking oven? Microwave?

Do you want a separate icemaker? Do you want a wine/beverage refrigerator?

Do you want a trash compactor or special recycling area?

Do you have a material in mind for the counters? For the floor?

Do you want a mudroom? Do you want an area to arrange flowers?

Will the secondary entry be here?

Dining Area

Describe the room you envision.

Do you have a special piece of furniture in mind for this room?

Do you entertain formally or informally?

How frequently will you use this room?

How many people do you wish to seat?

To which other room should it be adjacent?

Should it be accessible to any outdoor area?

Should it have a view?

What kind of built-in storage will you need?

Multi-Media Room, Library, Music Room, Study

Is this a room you desire? Need? If so, describe the room you envision.

Will there be a computer? A piano? A television?

What are your storage needs? For books? CD’s? Videotapes?

Are there any special acoustical requirements?

Home Office

Is this a room you need? Desire? Should it be a separate room?

What equipment do you anticipate here?

Could this double as a guest room?

Wine Room, Cellar

Is this something you desire? Need? Do you wish to be able to entertain in this area?

How many bottles do you wish to store?

Will you need a sink?

Will you need security?

Laundry Room

Do you want this located near the kitchen? Mudroom? In the basement? Or on the second floor?

What kind of storage do you need?

Do you want a folding counter, table or ironing board?

Do you want a sink?

Do you need room for a sewing machine?

Master Bedroom

Describe the kind of room you envision.

Do you prefer the master suite to be located on the first or second floor?

Do you want a sitting area or adjoining sitting room?

Do you want a fireplace? Wood burning or gas?

Is the view important to you?

Will you read here? Watch TV?

Which size bed(s) do you desire?

Do you have any special furnishings in mind? Chaise? Desk? Loveseat? Upholstered chairs?

Do you want any built-in furnishings?

Do you want cross ventilation from windows?

Do you prefer to be awakened by the sun?

Do you want access to the outdoors?

Do you want a separate dressing room(s)? If so, for use by one or two people?

Do you want walk-in closets? If so, for use by one or two people?

Do you want built-in shelving and/or double hanging rods?

Master Bathroom

Is the view important to you?

Is the amount of natural light important to you?

Do you prefer a pedestal or vanity-style sink? Do you want two sinks?

What kind of light do you like?

What are your storage needs? For cosmetics and hair appliances? For towels?

Do you want a shower for two? A steam unit? An oversized whirlpool tub?

Do you want a private toilet area? A bidet?

Additional Bedrooms, Bathrooms

How many of each will you need?

Which size bed in each?

Can a guest room(s) serve a dual purpose?

What kind of shower/tub combination do you prefer for each?

What kind of sinks and storage?

Linen Closet

How much space will you require for bedding? Towels? Out of season blankets?

Will you store anything else here?

Attic, Basement, Garage

Will you need rooms in these areas other than for mechanical storage? For a playroom? Workshop? Darkroom? Craftsroom?

Do you prefer an attached or unattached garage?

How many cars do you drive regularly?

Will you store any cars?

What are your parking needs in addition to garage spaces?

Will you store any boats?

Will you store lawn equipment here? Garden tools?

Will you store strollers and bikes, canoes, skis, or any other athletic equipment here?

Will pets sleep here?

Which surface area do you prefer for your driveway and parking area?

Interior Systems

Do you want any built-in systems? Fire alarm, burglar alarm, carbon-monoxide sensors, natural gas detectors, a built-in safe?

Do you want any other built-in electronic systems? Stereo? Intercom? Phone system? Lighting? Computer network?

Do you want any particular heating/cooling system? Gas, electric or oil-fired? Radiant-floor heating?

Do you want air filtration? House-wide humidification?

Do you want a central Vacuum?

What is your budget?

Knowing the answer to this question can mean the difference between a good and a great house. It is best to be honest about the true dollar amount you have in mind. A builder who knows ahead of time what the real budget is can build a better house using one or two gestures that are very beautiful. These can become much too expensive to add on later. Keep in mind the factors that contribute to the cost of building your new home: Size and shape, degree of complexity, amount of carpentry detail, and the types of materials used.

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